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|Beautiful Brides| 10 Beauty Tips Every Bride Should Know

Every girl wants to be beautiful for her wedding day. In fact, it’s practically a rule. A few tips to help you make things easier on the big day; I hope you find these beauty tips for your wedding day useful.

Keep those hands beautiful!! Schedule weekly manicures. Once the ring is on that finger, you will be showing it off. *TIP* To save on these visits, check out your local beauty schools, and don’t forget Groupon and LivingSocial!

Sun In A Bottle! Or, in this case, a tanning salon. Schedule a spray tan a few days before the big day! A one time tan will give you just enough of that sun-kissed glow to look beautiful in your wedding day photos.

Pamper your face. Every girl wants to have smooth skin.  A great way to insure this is to start with primer, or a hydrating facial serum. Apply daily before applying your makeup for great results. Or, schedule monthly facials a few months before the wedding. Facials boost the health of your skin and leave your face glowing!

Make a ‘Day Of’ Bag. Prepare yourself for any possible scenarios. Start adding things when your planning the big day. Any flyaways?? No worries, you’ve got gel/hairspray.

Eat healthier. Stay away from sugars, fats, greasy foods (or, more specifically, fast food), carbs; eat lots of fruits (natural sugars) and vegetables.  Instead of a spicy chicken sandwich, grab a chicken salad (ixnay the croutons!). Don’t forget:: water is crucial.

My favorite:: work out on a regular basis. Working out has some serious benefits. It helps you lose weight, it detoxes your body and all the nasty stuff inside, and it makes you feel great! All pluses for that big day when you’re toner, and you look great in your dress! *TIP* For better results, add weights to your workout! Contrary to popular belief, you won’t bulk up, you’ll tone up!

Don’t forget to pucker up! Take care of your lips. Every night, rub a generous amount of lip balm or vaseline on your lips with a wet washcloth. You’re exfoliating your lips at the same time as softening them.

Speaking of exfoliating…trouble areas?? Places like your elbows, you can use a shower scrub to exfoliate the skin. Then apply a generous amount of moisturizing shea butter or almond butter lotion. Then keep it wrapped in a washcloth for about an hour.

Take care of your eyes. Dark circles and puffiness are frequent visitors in times like these, what with all those stressful, late night planning sessions. Keep makeup removal as light as possible. Use water soluble makeup removers, and nightly cremes will do wonders for you.

Soft legs. Soften your skin with *WARM* water and use a moisturizing shaving creme. After the shower, apply a rich, moisturizing creme while your legs are still damp. This will keep them soft.

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