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50 Must Have Wedding Shots

As promised last week, here’s a post regarding the timeline for your wedding day.

The best way to be sure that all the shots that are important aren’t missed is to ensure that the photographer is equipped with a shot list. Most photographers should already have one, but if you aren’t sure, ASK. And don’t be shy to add a few shots to the list. It is your wedding, after all, and it’s the photos that you want that count most. Below is a list of  50 of (generally) the most important shots to not miss.

  1. Detail Shots: Rings, shoes, purse, etc..
  2. The Dress: Hanging or Draped
  3. Bride getting her hair done
  4. Bride putting on makeup
  5. Bride slipping on dress with help of bridesmaids/mother
  6. Maid of Honor & Brides Mom – Zipping Dress
  7. Bride putting on shoes
  8. Bride looking out (window or door)
  9. Bridal portraits (should time permit)
  10. Groom Fixing Hair
  11. Grooms Father & Best Man: Attaching Boutonnière to grooms lapel
  12. Groom adjusting cuff links
  13. Groom Checking the Time
  14. Groom with Groomsmen & Fathers
  15. Bride with Bridesmaids & Mothers
  16. Bride with Mother & Father (also grandparents)
  17. Groom with Mother & Father (also grandparents)
  18. Bride Limo – Groom Limo
  19. Bride & Groom – Exiting Limo (Bride being helped out)
  20. Groom waiting at altar
  21. Church Wide Shot (with & without guests)
  22. Bride walking down aisle
  23. Father giving away bride
  24. Holding hands – Bride and Groom
  25. Exchange of rings
  26. Bride & Groom Kiss
  27. Bride & Groom Leaving Church ( Receiving Line)
  28. Bride & Groom – Inside Limo Shot
  29. Reception/Banquet Hall Outside shot
  30. Get there before guests for detail shots (tables, centers, chairs, decorations)
  31. Food Shots (Cocktail Hour, Drinks, etc.)
  32. Shot of each table full of guests
  33. Shots of Bride & Groom with & without family
  34. Bride and Groom Portraits
  35. Bride & Groom with Bridesmaids & Groomsmen
  36. Bride and Groom Hand & Ring Portraits
  37. First Dance
  38. Bride & Father Dance
  39. Groom & Mother Dance
  40. Bouquet Toss
  41. Guarder Belt Toss
  42. Cake Cutting, Bride and Groom Feeding each other
  43. Misc. Guests Dancing
  44. Bride & Groom Eating
  45. Best Man & Maid of Honor Toast/Speeches
  46. Bride & Groom Toast/Speeches
  47. Guestbook Signatures
  48. Bride & Groom’s Parents Dancing (Plus Grandparents)
  49. Bride & Groom giving away wedding favors
  50. Bride & Groom “Just Married” Vehicle – Driving Away

See any missing here?? Feel free to add some below with a comment!

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