Ahh…Lights of Downtown Toledo!!

I have had so much fun lately learning how to control proper exposure in different lighting situations! I must say, I am coming along! =) I had so much fun the other night out with my boyfriend, taking pictures of the night life! We had a lot of fun changing all the settings on my Canon XS. Yes, I was a Nikon fan (still am), but I have loved this camera so! My Canon (WOW that has such a great sound to it!) is literally an extension of myself, and he’s been so good to me!

Here, I share with you the product of our second set of nighttime photos, taken in the downtown Toledo area. And boy, did the day start off right! We had tacos, right before! Here are my favorite few. I’ll post more shortly.

For now, cheers!

Downtown Toledo
f5.6//ISO 200//1.600s
Downtown Toledo

f4.0//ISO 400//.400s (1/3)
Hidden Love

f4.0//ISO 400//.500s (1/2)

f5.0//ISO 400//1.000s
Flickering Lights

And yes, this next photo is totally off topic, but here it is! lol =)
f5.0//ISO 200//6.000s

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