Amanda and Stephen-Engaged!!

I am sooo excited!! My cousins, Amanda and Stephen, are getting married this weekend!!

I was so happy that I got to shoot her engagement set! And, of course, I was super disappointed when circumstances interfered with me being able to shoot her wedding. =( So not only am I not taking her wedding pictures, but I’m missing her wedding altogether!!

Which is super sad, but we’ve gotten it all worked out! And, of course, we found a photographer to save the day. =) Yay!

Anyways, what kind of love story begins at Marco’s Pizza you ask?
This kind…

Yes, it’s true. Stephen got the job Amanda was after. And boy was she upset! But then again, she just couldn’t keep her eyes off of him. Hmm, to love or to hate, that is the question…and here, we have found an answer!

Saturday, May 15, 2010, Amanda Jean Blanke and Stephen Adkins will be Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Adkins. Woot! I’m so pumped.

I’m happy for you guys! I hope you have many many wonderful years ahead of you!


Peace and love,

Amanda and Stephen Adkins

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