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|Bryan Wedding| Alexandria + Jeff

On August 23, 2014, I had the pleasure of photographing a very dear friend’s wedding. I was so surprised when she reached out; we hadn’t talked in such a long time, and I was happy to hear she’d finally found her person. So, I made my way down to Bryan, OH to help Miss Alex Goultzenleuchter become the perfect Mrs. Alexandria Trent…

BGP_Bryan_Wedding_Trent__Alex_&_Jeff_08232014_017BGP_Bryan_Wedding_Trent__Alex_&_Jeff_08232014_019BGP_Bryan_Wedding_Trent, Alex & Jeff_08232014_028

Her dress, and her rings… all such perfect pieces to fit into the big day.

BGP_Bryan_Wedding_Trent__Alex_&_Jeff_08232014_046BGP_Bryan_Wedding_Trent, Alex & Jeff_08232014_280BGP_Bryan_Wedding_Trent__Alex_&_Jeff_08232014_097BGP_Bryan_Wedding_Trent__Alex_&_Jeff_08232014_092And here she stands, readying herself to say the words on that piece of paper to the man she would shortly be married to.

BGP_Bryan_Wedding_Trent__Alex_&_Jeff_08232014_123BGP_Bryan_Wedding_Trent, Alex & Jeff_08232014_143BGP_Bryan_Wedding_Trent__Alex_&_Jeff_08232014_104BGP_Bryan_Wedding_Trent, Alex & Jeff_08232014_170Here stands the groom, in all of his dashing anticipation. When I met him, I knew she’d done well. He will love her and be there for all the days of her life.

BGP_Bryan_Wedding_Trent, Alex & Jeff_08232014_169BGP_Bryan_Wedding_Trent, Alex & Jeff_08232014_181BGP_Bryan_Wedding_Trent, Alex & Jeff_08232014_175BGP_Bryan_Wedding_Trent, Alex & Jeff_08232014_164BGP_Bryan_Wedding_Trent, Alex & Jeff_08232014_165And then it was time…

BGP_Bryan_Wedding_Trent, Alex & Jeff_08232014_336BGP_Bryan_Wedding_Trent, Alex & Jeff_08232014_298It’s so hard not to love these two… <3

BGP_Bryan_Wedding_Trent, Alex & Jeff_08232014_529BGP_Bryan_Wedding_Trent, Alex & Jeff_08232014_532BGP_Bryan_Wedding_Trent, Alex & Jeff_08232014_547BGP_Bryan_Wedding_Trent, Alex & Jeff_08232014_558BGP_Bryan_Wedding_Trent, Alex & Jeff_08232014_561BGP_Bryan_Wedding_Trent, Alex & Jeff_08232014_565BGP_Bryan_Wedding_Trent, Alex & Jeff_08232014_582 Alex, Jeff.. I have to thank you from the bottom-most depths of my heart for inviting me to spend the day with you. To celebrate a new beginning. I wish you all the happy endings in the world, and may you always have each other. <3








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