C{Space:: Group Shoot-Dayton, Ohio


WOW, I am super pumped!! Why you ask?? Well, let me tell ya!

My friend, Jose invited me to a group shoot he was attending at C{Space in Dayton, Ohio. I, gladly, said yes!! It occured this past Saturday, June 26. I was pretty intimidated from the start, let me tell ya. But once I got there, and I got to talking to the other photographers, and meeting some of the models, I was soo excited for the day!! They were all very helpful, and I’m glad I met them!!

See, Jose has taken it upon himself to make sure my skills continue to progress. He is my mentor, and I am extremely grateful for this. He is incredibly talented, and actually knows what he’s talking about!! That in itself, is an amazing thing.

So, while we were there, he let me use his lights to photograph some models. I got to work with about 4 different models, and below I have given you a sneak preview of some of the shots I took of one of the beautiful ladies I met!!

Hope you enjoy, and look forward to the remainder of the photos!!

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