Day 73 | iPhoneography :: “Follow You Anywhere”

So Wilson and I were on the A.W. Trail today, and he flipped because he saw a really pretty old school “box car” train from back in the day! It was a lucky moment, because I totally missed it! And that boy loves me soo much, he made an immediate turn back to find it, because it just looked like such a fun place to take some pictures.
Now, what caught my eye the most upon pulling into the old church driveway behind the train was actually a really old wagon. It was completely falling apart, and totally vintage-y, but perfect! I loved it immediately, and here is my favorite shot of it.
It’s called “Follow You Anywhere” because it just has a beaten down, but still chuggin’ along feel/look to it, and it just makes me think of someone who is still following someone they can never let go. I really like it, actually! =)

Shot with the iPhone 3GS, and edited in BestCamera.

Follow You Anywhere

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