Day 82 | iPhoneography :: “Just Around the Corner

Aaahh yes. The days have finally turned beautiful.
And what could be more wonderful than that? Well, taking pictures, on these beautiful days, duh!

There’s nothing better than going outside, and it being warm enough to warm your heart! I swear, I could almost do a dance! Ok, ok, so I did do a dance, so what? =) That’s just how I roll!

Anyways, long story short, I was walking with a friend on my lunch break to what’s called the Igloo, the most quaint little ice cream shop across the street. (Picture me running across a busy street in heels!! Not a pretty sight!) Just before we crossed street number 2, I looked to my left, and saw my image for the day!

Taken (as always) with the iPhone 3gs, and edited in LiveFX.

Go out and enjoy the beautiful weather! This is the start of a beautiful summer!

Just Around the Corner

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