Day 84 | iPhoneography :: “Somber Rainy Days”

Aahhh rainy days.

I love rainy days. Ever since I was little, any time I knew it was going to rain really hard, or I heard thunder, my heart would pound in my ears and my adrenaline would rush. But not in terror, oh no. In pure excitement!

Dancing in the rain I can proudly say is one of my favorite past times! There’s so much freedom in it! I definitely recommend it to those who have not tried!

I have no excuses, though, for how badly I am keeping up with my 365 Days of iPhoneography; not to mention my 52 weeks of Self Portraits.

Any suggestions on photos you want to see next?

Stay tuned for Amanda and Stephen’s engagement pictures!

peace and ♥

I edited this photo in PS Mobile and LOMOStyle

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