Photography, Seniors

|Fayette Senior| Alejandra Gonzalez

She’s all grown up, and ready to graduate.. This marine-to-be is one of my favorite people in the whole wide world, and my best friend. She’s my baby sister, and she’s ready to take her place in the world. I wish you all the best of life, and good luck, my little ‘mini badass’ in training. 😉
Fayette_SeniorPortraits_Gonzalez, Alejandra_12272013_013 Fayette_SeniorPortraits_Gonzalez, Alejandra_12272013_014 (1)Fayette_SeniorPortraits_Gonzalez, Alejandra_12272013_001 (1) Fayette_SeniorPortraits_Gonzalez, Alejandra_12272013_012 Fayette_SeniorPortraits_Gonzalez, Alejandra_12272013_011 Fayette_SeniorPortraits_Gonzalez, Alejandra_12272013_008 Fayette_SeniorPortraits_Gonzalez, Alejandra_12272013_007 Fayette_SeniorPortraits_Gonzalez, Alejandra_12272013_004 Fayette_SeniorPortraits_Gonzalez, Alejandra_12272013_003




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