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Follow Friday| Lindsay Marie Photography

This week, I am introducing you to Lindsay Hoover of Lindsay Marie Photography.

The reason I’m listing Lindsay as my newest Follow Friday is because I’ve recently gotten to know her in person (we’ve been FB friends for quite some time now) and she’s just awesome. No, really. She is. =) She invited me along to second shoot a wedding with her earlier in March, and we had coffee (ok, she had a self invented latte (?) and I had Pepsi…) and we spent about an hour just talking. I got to know her a bit better, and I’m really glad we finally met. She’s funny, and I like hanging out with her. And if you’ve clicked on the link above, then you already know she’s a really awesome photographer. This was the second time I’ve gotten to shoot ‘with’ another photographer, and she didn’t disappoint.

Ok, enough talk. Here are a few of my favorite Lindsay Marie Photography photos. ♥

If you like what you see, don’t forget to stay updated on her blog, like her on Facebook, or check her out on Twitter!! =)

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