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Follow Friday| Rosie Hardy

This week, my #FF goes out to Rosie Hardy. She’s a photographer from England, and I absolutely fell in love with her work!! Wilson is actually the one who found her website for me; he knows me well enough to save these things. 😉 Her work is so very inspiring. She didn’t go to school for it (though I hear she’s recently been accepted to a prestigious art school!!); you can see the talent she has. A lot of her work is self portraits. That she can take pictures of herself and turn them into gorgeous artwork is amazing to me. Not to mention that she actually carries on a conversation!!

I can actually almost guarantee you’ve seen her work before. Don’t believe me? Click here. You’ll see what I’m talking about. =)

Following are a few of my absolute favorites of her many, many pieces of art.

You can ask her just about anything on her Formspring, or if you’re just interested in seeing more, visit her website and Flickr.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoyed meeting Rosie!

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