Homeless in Ohio

So, today was a pretty bad day. Ok, I lied. It was a really great day!! =) Until about half way in…. :/

I started out with a great shower, and ended up meeting up with a friend, so we could brainstorm what we wanted for her upcoming shoots. We took lots of notes, and snapped lots of sample pictures, and it was all in all a pretty productive morning! Not to mention the fact that we were at a Starbucks!! =)

So then I went home, to get ready for work. Aaanndd then I left for work. On my way, I was stopped at a red light, and I kind of dreaded it, because I saw a guy sitting on the bench on the corner, holding a sign. I knew what he wanted. And I was going to end up right in his line of sight. We all know what happens then!! Every time, they come up to your car, asking for money, or food, or work, or some other thing to guilt trip you into throwing your hard earned change away. Now, I’m not gonna lie here, the reason I dread it so bad, is because half the time, I know they are playing me, and I still get suckered in!! And all because “What if he’s not playing me? What if he’s really gonna use my $3 to buy a meal for himself or his kids? What if this bad feeling I’m getting is totally off? Then what?”

But see, the thing with this particular homeless guy was this:: he didn’t budge an inch. He just looked at me, and like he could read me and knew I was in no mood to help him, he looked right over me, without the slightest look of contempt for someone with no heart. He just sat there. And trust me, there was a LINE of cars.  A huge line (traffic hour, don’t ya know). And he just sat there. His face was red, like he’d been sitting in the sun for days, and he had his full backpack next to him, and a half drank orange gatorade. His sign said: “Homeless. Anything helps.” And just like that, my heart broke. I was devastated. I had half a sub next to me that I almost gave to him through my window, but then I remembered that I had taken bites out of it. What kind of person gives half eaten food to someone?? Really?? So then I started rummaging in my purse, looking for any little bit I could give him. What did I find?? A $10 bill. That was it. So I looked from my bill to the guy, to the light. Because it had just turned green, and I had a line of cars behind me. I couldn’t get his attention anymore (granted, I don’t think I tried hard enough), and I ended up rolling right on by. I turned down the street, and almost turned back around to go back to him. Almost. Why didn’t I, you ask? Because I was running late for work. Big deal!! Since I got to work (and trust me guys, I’m still here…), I have not been able to think of anything other than that guy, and how I just had a gut feeling that he could really use my help, and I just kept right on rolling.

I feel like the worst Christian in the history of the world. I know I’m not, but still. Now, I have decided to start a new project. It will take me a while to get the ball rolling, but I think I can do it.

What I’m going to do is start a photo journal of the homeless people in Toledo, Ohio. I’m not sure how successful I will be, and I’m not sure what exactly I’m going to do with all of it, but I think I can at least get a bit more awareness going. Maybe get people to realize that not everyone is looking to spend your hard earned cash on their fatal attractions. Maybe, just maybe, we can really help someone who needs it, and make a tiny bit of difference around here.

If you’re interested in helping the cause, or joining me for any reason, let me know. Send me an email::, or post me a comment. We’ll brainstorm, and get these people off the streets, or at least something to calm the hunger a bit.

Now, it’s about time to go home, and I am taking the same way back. Just in case.

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