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Little Girls Really Do Grow Up To Be Princesses | Alejandra + Cesar Juarez

This blog post has been a long time in the making. But as a fair warning, MOST of my coming blog posts will be a long time coming.. As mentioned in a previous post, my blogging consistency has been, frankly, non-existent. And I’m looking to change that!!

How else am I supposed to present my beautiful baby sister and her handsome Marine husband to the world??

See, the best part of this story is that these two have known each other quite literally for their whole lives. We grew up knowing his family, and although their story doesn’t start until they were a bit older, it’s magical to think about those two playing together as toddlers.

Sister, I wish you all the happiness in the world. Oh, and welcome to the family, Cesar. To be honest, I think we all knew you’d be her Forever. <3

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This one about sums up my relationship with  my siblings. <3 ^^

2016-02-01_0055 2016-02-01_0057

And this one gets a special mention. Grandma, we love you. <3

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