Lucky Bracelets + Impending Nervousness

We were recently in Detroit (buying our new MacBook Pro!!, which, by the way, I am writing to you on) when we decided to stop at one of the malls. We’re pretty bad when it comes to the mall. I could probably tell you every store inside and what their sales are. It’s that bad. =)

Well, in this particular mall was a quaint little shop that goes by the name The Far East. I swear, I wanted to take everything home with me!! And it’s the first time I’ve been able to find an actual laughing buddha (which I have wanted for well over 2 years now), and I really didn’t want to leave with out it! Unfortunately, I was unable to dish out the $60 (c’mon, I just bought a MacBook). We did, however, come across some adorable bracelets. And I picked this one. Or rather, it picked me. I love it, and I believe it is my lucky bracelet. I never take it off now. =)

In other news, it’s already Thursday. Do you know what that means?? That means day after tomorrow, I will be assisting in my first wedding!! I’m getting so nervous, I”m sweating bullets here. And I’m just kicking it in bed!! With Harry Potter credits rolling. And all I can think about is Saturday. Oh boy. Because really. What if I go to this wedding, and second shoot my heart out, and they don’t like any of my images? What if I don’t like any of my images? What if I realize weddings just isn’t my thing? There are so many things that could go wrong..but it’s cool Because it won’t. Everything will play out awesomely well. And I will blow their hats off.

Ok. My rant is over. =) I’ll keep you updated.

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