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Midwest Born and Bred – From Toledo to Chicago

Ok, Internet. I have huge news!!!!

We took the plunge, and have relocated to the Windy City!! I’m so excited to see what the next year brings. It’s quite the dream come true, and I’m just beside myself with ideas and inspirations.

So this week, I’ve spent some time getting to know my neighborhood, and finding out where’s good to eat (and park). And holy cow, my apartment complex is located on a street with FREE PARKING! Except on Tuesdays…. Street cleaning.. That was an expensive lesson learned..

Did I mention that the entrance to my apartment building also happens to be a coffee shop?!!? Talk about matches made in Heaven, amiright?


I am so excited to be living in these gorgeous, cozy, and super sleek apartments. I’ve never lived in such a small place, and I’M NOT EVEN COMPLAINING! I adore our cozy little home. More pictures to come as we decorate further, and get a couch. 😉

The view from my rooftop, folks..


FlatsChICAGO Rooftop

I mean, I am seriously dying. I. Love. This. Place. Sooooo much.


Baker & Nosh


And let’s not forget my newest favorite place to smash, Mash. Those shrimp, and that drink!! Insert all of the ‘praise Jesus, happy face’ emojis here. (Get with the program, WordPress. Girl’s gotta express herself!) And did I mention? Ask for Anica (sp?). She may be my new favorite bartender, and she’s new(ish) to the city too! Which makes her kindred. <3



Book Cellar



Oh. And meet Caleb and his friends. They work with Environment Illinois, and are trying to save the state. He got me good too – I donated $10 to the cause. You should too! Check it out here.


And here I’ll say goodnight. Stay posted to see what else I discover in my new city.


Cheers and love,



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