New Beginnings

I am so excited to share my most recent experiences with you!  I recently connected with an amazing, generous photographer from Toledo. His name is Jose, and I haven’t met anyone more willing to teach me more about the craft that we both love so much. =) There is a project (post coming soon) that I am sooo excited about participating in. I shared it with him, and he was pumped. Then, upon realizing I had nothing to show to the girl in charge of the project, he decided to let me use his mini studio, his lights, AND his models! =) Talk about awesome, yes? Yess.
Sooo, all morning on Wednesday and Thursday I spent hanging out at his house, and using up all the space on my memory card, taking pictures of Erin (pictured below), and then Lisa and Melinda. I have discovered a new love:: model photography. I have also discovered that I love working with lighting. Before, I thought natural lighting would be my area. Now that I have gotten to play with softboxes though… Hmmm… =) I am so excited, and so very grateful that I have found a new friend. Anyways, here are just a couple shots that I have from Wednesday.

Constructive criticism is much appreciated!! More on the sessions later..



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