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New Year’s Goals At The Tail End of January

I’m always a bit gung-ho at the beginning of every new year. I have a strict workout plan. My blogging schedule is on point, printed, and displayed on my kitchen table-desk. I’ve made promises to myself with every intention of keeping them. But what really keeps every new years’s resolutions bound together in my life is their lack of completion.

Two weeks into my workout goals, and I fall crashing off the wagon, face-first into a pile of chocolate so massive, I’m swimming in it for the rest of the year. I start a new blog post, and never finish, because I’m afraid of what you’ll think when I speak a little too transparently. And all those promises..

Well, this year is going to be different. Because I’m not afraid anymore. Of you. Of success. Of opening myself up, and of change. I embrace the change this year. And I cannot wait to see what I accomplish this time.  (oh, and shout-out to my #wifey4lifey for the fantastic photo used in this post. Still one of my favs… <3)


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