Oh, Summer <3

I honestly must say that summer, is the best. I have always been one to love every season, as I experience it, but when summer is over, I stubbornly declare how much I hate the heat. I hate how bright it gets. It is miserable, and my least favorite season. What in the wold have I been thinking?? I love summer!! The gold rays of sun!! The endless days of swimming!! The bronze tans we all get, with a single day of laying out. The sunsets and sunrises. The shorts, and tank tops, and flip flops, and bathing suits!! I really have no idea why I claim to hate summer so much, when in reality, my life would be so amazing, could I only find a place that is perpetually summer all year long!! <3 Aahh, heaven, thy name is sun.

Here are a few pictures I took, after a long day spent at the pool, with friends and some family. I was awed by the beauty, and I am saddened I couldn’t capture it to it’s full extent, but here are my memories of the beautiful ending of another beautiful day.

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