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So Monday night, we went to visit Wilson’s mom and sisters.

It was great for several reasons.
1) She fed us. Yum.

2) I got to play half the night with the darling Mia Sofia. We were exploring. And man were those monsters chasing us!! But luckily, we found the treasure, and all our pets before they got us. And we kicked the monster’s butt (a.k.a. Big Sister Maria’s butt).

3) I got to play stylist/hairstylist/m.u.a. AND photographer. For the beautiful Maria. Because, in her 4 year-old sister’s own words, she was hot. And she wasn’t the monster anymore. =)

And the following are the images from the night. =)

This one is my favorite. Below is my attempt at making the shirt separate from the color of her skin, but I wasn’t very successful. My personal favorite is the above one though, regardless.

And of course, our own Mia the Explorer!

And I suppose I will end with the above photo. It looks dreamy. =)

Just so you know, constructive criticism is very much appreciated. Which is your favorite and why? And what could I use some work on?

Thanks for stopping by on this rainy Wednesday. Have a great day!

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