Review:: Photo Prints on Canvas-Zaza Gallery

So recently, I was given an awesome opportunity:: get one of my prints free on a 16×20 canvas, and write a review for it! Needless to say, I was pumped. So I gladly agreed, sent the company my name, address, and the print I wanted.
And then I waited. And waited. (Because man, am I an impatient person!) And, see, I didn’t even have to wait very long!

Not quite a week after I sent the email with the required information, I went home from work like any other day.

And as soon as I opened the door, I dropped everything; because there it was, hanging on my wall! It was amazing!! The print below, on a canvas print of 16×20 inches in size! It was so cool, I almost cried.

It’s a great product, I love it. The quality is great; I can tell that it will survive the years. The picture below is an iPhoneography picture, and you would think that the 16×20 would be just too big of a size, but it came out stunning!! Since I received my canvas print, I have fallen in love with canvas prints, and that is how I am decorating my walls!

Check out the website of ZaZa Gallery, because I have looked around, and the prices are really good! Great product, great prices, beautiful prints. Makes for a great decorating source! And gift source.

I mean really, did you see this photo? Now I have it huge on my wall!! I am in love. <3

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