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Today launches a new part to my blog that I am super excited about!! It’s a Spotlight for photographers. I am going to feature a new photographer every other week, on Fridays. The point is to gain an insight to the workings and whirlings of the creative minds that create all the beautiful images we love!
I plan on featuring new and experienced photographers alike! So if there is someone you have in mind, let me know! We’ll see about getting an interview with them. =)

Today, I introduce my friend Robert Gordon of RobertGordonphotography dot com.
He’s someone I’ve gotten to know through Twitter and Facebook, and he’s a great guy! Let’s see what he’s got to tell us.

Q. Where are you from? How old are you?
A. I’m from Livingston, NJ. I am 27 years old

Q. When did you get into photography?
A.I’ve been into photography for a while, but only since December 2009 did I actually decide to move into it professionally, this is when I picked up my first DSLR: a Nikon d3000 which I quickly grew bored of and swapped for a Nikon D90.

Q. Are you self taught or school taught?
A. I am self taught, having read through blogs such as Zack Arias’s and David Hobby’s Strobist. Just picking up little bits here and there, also watching tons of dvds by Joe McNally on lighting too.

Q. What is your main area of focus?
A. My main area of focus would be fashion and portrait photography, I like to create a surreal image, something that evokes an emotional response, I guess I am trying to “sell the fake” (phrase coined by Joel Grimes). I get comments from people about how a photo looks fake that I took but that is the point, its not meant to be real, otherwise I would have taken it with on-camera flash and a Kodak disposable. I like going for the magazine look, the hyper illustrated so to speak.

Q. If you could shoot anything, what would it be?
A. Celebrity portraits but in a very new light

Q. What are your fav pieces of equipment?
A. Right now I would have to say my Alien Bees flash gear. Although a pain in the butt to carry around, they produce really great light for the budget photographer.

Q. Who inspires you?
A. Gosh, this is a hard one there are so many that inspire me. Everyday I see photographers on Flickr that are just amazing but I am truely in awe of Joel Grimes, Joe Mcnally, Zack Arias, Tim Tadder, JILL GREENBERG and Dave Hill to name a few, check them out they are AMAZING and a few of them practice that “sell the fake” philosophy where you’re creating an illusion or hyper illustrated looking photo.

Q. What makes a good photographer in your opinion?
A. Someone who sees something the average person does not. It’s the same with any type of artist and I think there are only a select few out there that can actually see and appreciate a good photo as well. Being able to see the end result in your head and knowing how to get there is what make’s a good photographer in my opinion, being able to translate your dream into reality.

Q. Do you have a favorite photograph?
A.Of my own or of someone else? I am not a favorite’s type of person, there are many things that I like but it’s hard for me to narrow it down to one thing, which is why I am such an indecisive person to begin with.

Q. If you had any advice for those just starting out, or just discovering the field, what would it be?
A. Read read read, practice practice practice. Or maybe 60/40. Read 40 percent of the time practice 60 percent. Look at what other photographers are doing, learn to “read” the light and decipher what is going on. KNOW YOUR GEAR. Understand what your camera does, understand what settings will achieve what results and in turn how to replicate those settings consistently. Fail frequently then figure out WHY you failed and avoid it in the future, don’t give up either.

Q. What was your most favorite assignment/subject/shoot to date?
A. I would have to say my photo shoot with the aspiring pop singer/songwriter J Brazil was the most interesting and fun shoot to date, he is an amazing person and a character too. His expressions and face lent to a really great session.

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Photo by Robert Gordon