The Beginning…

I recently had the pleasure of meeting with an aspiring model by the name of Jewel. Yes, her name really is Jewel. =) She’s a dark haired, light skinned beauty, and I had the pleasure of setting up a session with her. It was fun, and inspiring, and a learning experience for the both of us. =) Her with her modeling, me with my shooting! And lighting. =)

I’ve decided to post a few photos here for you perusal. =) Be sure to leave some *constructive* (notice the emphasis on constructive) criticism and let me know what you think! This is just the beginning of what looks to be a great year!!

This photo is probably one of my favorites. I know my lighting was a bit..much. =) And I’m working on that!

And the following image is another favorite. We had a lot of fun in her little red dress. It was good stuff. =) And those stockings are too darn adorable!

=) Yes. Another mirror picture. You can’t tell me they’re not fun, because they so are! And I wouldn’t believe you anyway. What about mirrors aren’t fun?

I hope you enjoyed the photos. I know still have a ways to go when it comes to control, and in camera editing (you know, the kind where you get the image just perfect and YOU DON’T HAVE TO POST PROCESS.) Awesome. =) Let me know what you think!! Shall I continue this road I’m on?? =)

Thanks for taking the time to check this post out. Send me a shoutout if you like my work. I always answer back. =)

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