Toledo Photographer | Alejandra

Here is my beautiful sister Alejandra. These photos were all taken in Downtown Toledo. These ones that follow were taken in a hidden beauty by the Crowne Plaza. If you cross the busy street, and skip on through the valet parking lot, you’ll find a hidden stairway if you keep your eyes open! Follow the trail, and a gorgeous fountain and sparkling pool await! It’s a very peaceful place (except for when I’m gouging my leg on the rocks!), and I love it there. But yes, during one of the final photos at this spot, I fell. And man did I pay for that!! However, my camera made it out with no scratches! *wheeww*

Here are the photos that we took for her Quinceañera invitations.

Isn’t she gorgeous? I was so happy with the outcome of this photo. I thought the wind would be a nuisance; however, I’ve learned that you have to compromise! =) So we worked with the wind instead of against the mighty force of nature. 😀

I’ve learned things, the more I look at these photos. Such as this one. I like it (her face is just so purty!), but I have to pay more attention to detail! Such as with the blue straps peaking out from under shirt. :/ grrr…

This one is one of my favorites. I love love love her smile! I really like this photo. What do you think?

The water here makes me smile. =)

Ahh teenagers. *sniff* I remember those days. Lol. There were signs EVERYWHERE stating DO NOT WADE OR SWIM IN WATER. Did that phase us? I think not.

Playing with the depth of field on my new 50mm 1.8. What do you think?

The wind was divine! *sigh*

I must admit, the girl is gorgeous when she laughs. I’m so jealous!

The walk back to the car was cute. =)

Now, I know that I have come at least a little ways since I first got my camera. However, I would appreciate some feedback!! Let me know, what do you think I should work on? What do you like/dislike about this session with my sister and her friends? Thanks guys!

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