Toledo Wedding Photographer | Amanda and Steven

Yes, I know this post is late in coming, but here it is!! My cousin Amanda did finally get married, back in May, and here are the photos from that day. =)

The next 3 are photography by Wilson! ♥
The Bridal Party

The Groomsmen

The Bridal Party

I love love LOVE this wall! And the railing. =)
The Girls

O, PJ. What will I do with you? lol
The Bride and Her Girls

Amanda and her bridesmaids

Amanda and Steve Adkins

The Babies

Mother and Son


Amanda and Steve


Father and Daughter

This one makes my heart melt. Thanks Mandy. =)

Fly Away

Father Daughter Dance

Father Daughter Dance

More photography by Wilson ♥

The Bouquet

And I’ll end on this note. Feel the love!! ♥ ♥ ♥

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