Toledo Portrait Photographer Mommy & Me | Eva and Eliana

Eva and myself kinda sorta grew up together. Let’s just say we go waayy back. =) So, when she said she wanted her pictures done with uh-DOOR-able baby girl, Eliana, I was pumped! Now, Eva is gorgeous. The girl has got some straight up fierceness about her. And Eliana? Fast on mama’s heels!! She has got some serious ‘tude, and she LOOVVES being in front of the camera!! Me and her are gonna get along great. I can tell. 😉 Here’s a peak at what we did recently. Eva, I <3 ya babe!

Now let me introduce you to Eva. Rock it woman!

And Eliana, the girl who stole the show!


Now this is one of my all time fav’s. LOVE!!

Ok. So I love this one too. 🙂

Baby girl has a piercing stare. She sure knows how to grab your attention!

Teehee. That’s all I got to say. <3

Awww!! She fell off the slide. =( But mommy made it better.

And here we end with one of my favorites. They are so darn cute!

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