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Toledo Photographer | Alejandra’s Quinceañera

Blushing, in her bright, sunshine-yellow gown, she walks down the aisle, one arm in Mom’s, one arm in Dad’s. As the rest of her friends and family watch, the little girl they once knew is gone. In her place, stands a stunning young woman, ready to take on the world.

Alejandra, you know I love you. I don’t think you know exactly how much I love you. =) You’re my baby sister, and I hope you enjoy every minute of 15. It’s a great experience, and you’re quinceañera was a blast. And you, my love, are gorgeous. Stunning. I love you in this dress. In your corona. In Priscilla’s tennis shoes. =) I wish you the best of luck in everything you try. And know that I am always here for you. ♥

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