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|Toledo Wedding Photographer| Carly & Dustyn

The long awaited blog post on Carly and Dusytn’s wedding is finally here!! =) They were such an adorable couple, and I loved working with them!! I had a lot of fun, especially for my first wedding!! I’m extremely happy with the photos, and hope the bride and groom are too. =)

Lots of love and luck to you both!!






_MG_2327 bnw


_MG_2337 _MG_2383 bnw _MG_2376 _MG_2454 _MG_2448 _MG_2444 _MG_2440 bnw _MG_2425-1 _MG_2411 bnw-1 _MG_2397 _MG_2532 _MG_2529 _MG_2525 _MG_2524 _MG_2516 _MG_2502 _MG_2497 _MG_2483 _MG_2470-1-2





_MG_2557 _MG_2744 _MG_2738 bnw _MG_2722 _MG_2719 _MG_2714 _MG_2707 _MG_2704 _MG_2689 _MG_2680 _MG_2662 _MG_2639 _MG_2605 bnw _MG_2637 _MG_2626 _MG_2590 _MG_2586 _MG_2572 _MG_2559 _MG_2829 _MG_2805 _MG_2795 _MG_2792 _MG_2786 _MG_2783 _MG_2782 _MG_2777 bnw _MG_2766 _MG_2762 _MG_2756

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