Transparency, and Free Road Trips!

Making a mistake sooner, rather than later, is a good thing. -Jasmine Star

I have recently been inspired, by none other than Jasmine Star. See, I haven’t been very forth coming on this site. Which isn’t the best way to reach out. Make friends. The usual, ya know? I have come to realize that it’s very important to be open, to be myself. Otherwise, you’ll never know the real me.

So this is me, opening up. I’ve decided to document my own journey here, but in detail. I won’t just post some pictures and tell you who they are. I’ll tell you how I got there. How I did it, yea?

So for now, I just wanna talk about the amazing feeling of being starstruck. Through Ustream! See, CreativeLIVE and Chase Jarvis managed to convince J* to shoot a wedding, while being broadcasted live!! Needless to say, I was nearly passed out with excitement; it’s literally amazing I was even able to watch!!

It was a five day course in all, and I missed most of the first 2 days (due to work, blegh!). Luckily, I got off work just in time to watch the wedding on Friday though (thank GOD for 3 hour time differences!!). So, upon arriving home from spending 8 long hours in front of the computer, I plunked myself down in our home office, and I did it again!

Needless to say, the woman made shooting a wedding look effortless. And, of coure, JD was just as essential. It just looked like he made her life so much easier. Way to go. See? Quality second shooters are just as important as primary. I was actually able to watch her perform her magic, and she made it look so darn easy!! I really admire that Cali chick. She’s got some serious style, and a great eye! I am very lucky to have been able to learn something from her.

The best part?? During this 5 day program, they were giving away free prizes! Such as:: a couple free road trips for WPPI, and a few year long subscriptions to Showit. And guess who won the free roadtrip?!?!? Yea, me!!! I don’t think words can quite express the excitement and gratitude I am experiencing, and have been since I found out that I won!! It’s the best feeling ever, to know that I have been given the chance to listen to the best in the industry teach the ways of the world! Of photography at least. =) Aanndd I have every intention of mauling J* in Chicago, when I go on the 16 of September!! I really really hope I get to meet her. No. I don’t hope. I just hope she doesn’t run away in total fear once I’ve managed to make my way to the inner circle!! =) I promise, girl, I am not a crazy stalker! All the time, anyway… 😉

So yea, that pretty much just sums up the new-ness in my life lately. I have a trip to Chicago in September, Vegas in February, and my life is slowly falling into place! =) I can’t wait till the moment when shooting is my permanent full time profession. I will succeed!

Thanks for stopping by, and peace and love yo!!

Who are your favorite photographers? The people you look up to and admire the most? Where have you done most of your learning?

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