Project 52

Week 3/52: Romance

*UPDATE: his photo was taken with my LG Quantum and edited with the Imazing app*

Yes, I know that in week 1’s photo post, I stated this was a less difficult project. But that was also before I realized I’d have 2 80-hour work weeks ahead of me! =) I know, I know, no excuses.

But just so you know, last Week 2/52 was supposed to be based around body parts. And can I just say? I could think of nothing for that theme. Or rather, nothing appropriate for public viewing on this blog. 😉

So anways, today is the last day of Week 3, and I just had to put up something. This week’s theme is Romance, and though I had what I thought to be a super cute idea (I will complete the original photo planned next week), I just wasn’t able to complete it. Because the other half of this photo was not feeling well aaalll week, and remember what I said about 80 hour work weeks?? Yup. Still happening. So instead, I have posted this photo. It is a photo of my boyfriend’s mom’s birthday roses (well, at least half of her birthday roses). Yesterday was her birthday. =)

So back to my point. This photo just gives me a romantic notion. Makes me dream of a story as to how they even got there. If you didn’t know they were birthday roses, what would you think they were for? I dream of another time. Soldiers, and wives. Waiting for him. Remembering him. Thinking of him. Pretty romantic, eh? =) What do you think?

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